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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert.
Monaco's Princess Charlene has given birth to twins.

The 36-year-old royal and her husband Prince Albert welcomed a baby boy and a girl into the world on Dec 10 after she was admitted to the Princesse Grace hospital in the principality , where she is thought to have given birth via caesarian section.

Local newspaper Monaco Matin first reported the news but it is not known whether 56-year-old Albert was by the South African-born beauty's side or not during the birth.

The little boy will automatically be the heir to the throne regardless of whether he was the first born of the two or not.

The births have not been officially announced by the Palais Princier yet but when they are then they will be recognized by 42 cannon shots - double that of a single royal baby's birth.

Charlene announced she was pregnant in May and the former Olympic swimmer recently confirmed she was expecting twins and feeling fantastic about her pregnancy.

She said: "I feel absolutely great."

In October, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Turk revealed Albert had been working hard to childproof the royal couple's home ahead of their impending new arrivals, and he was particularly concerned about the sharp edges on the tables.

He explained: "The princess told me that he's been walking around their residence and their summer house , starting to childproof the houses.

"He's worried about the corners of tables. And she's saying they're not even born yet! He's also going to put air in all the balls for soccer and basketball. He's already getting ready and it's still years away before they can play with a ball."

Knowing the rules for playing the ball can make a big difference to your team?s success.

It can be a very frustrating experience having your players constantly called for mishandling the ball. Coaching can be stressful enough without having to also worry about the officiating.

There are essentially two different types of ball handling playing faults ? double contacts and lifts.

Thoroughly understanding these volleyball rules for playing the ball can make a huge impact on a volleyball team?s success.

Double Contacts

Double contacts by a player are legal on a team?s first contact. For example, when an opponent spikes the ball, the player playing defense can make a double contact in attempt to dig the ball. This double contact can be made as long as the contact is made in a single attempt to make the play.

A possible scenario for a player making a legal dig would be if the ball bounced off the player?s forearms then shoulder.

As long as this play was made in one playing motion , this double contact is legal on the first team hit. Another way a player could make a dig is with an overhead setting motion with their hands.

It is legal to double contact with the fingers on the first team contact.

It is also legal to contact the ball multiple times when blocking. These contacts aren?t team hits. A block is defined as a player near the net, reaching higher than the top of the net, then deflecting the ball coming from the opponent.

When blocking , the ball can be contacted multiple times in succession. These contacts during blocking aren?t counted as contacts and the team still has the 3 team hits to return the ball back to the opponent.

Double contacts are illegal on the team?s second or third team contacts. Since there are different volleyball rules for how you play the ball on the first hit compared to the second and third, it can often appear ball handling is being called inconsistent by the referee.

For example, it is legal to double contact the ball using a setting motion on the first team contact , but illegal on the second and third team contacts. It may appear the calls are inconsistent because they aren?t being called for the double contact on the set on the first team contact.

Lift, Held Ball, or Prolonged Contact

Lifting , catching, or throwing the ball is illegal on any contact. It is important to note that bad technique isn?t illegal.

For example, there is no fault for bad form or an ugly looking play. If it?s not a double contact (on the 2nd or 3rd team hit) or a prolonged contact (ball coming to rest on a player) , then the play is legal no matter how unorthodox or unusually the technique looks.

There are only two possible calls for an illegal play, double contact or lift, that?s it.

Knowing the difference between a lift and a double contact is important. Since double contacts are legal on the first team hit , the contact must be a prolonged contact for it to be illegal no matter how ugly the play on the ball.

Some volleyball organizations allow for the ball to be slightly lifted or pushed when making a defensive play. This is when a player is digging a hard driven ball.

Also, players can have prolonged contact with the ball when in a joust. A joust doesn?t count as a team contact. A joust is a block. When two opposing players are contacting the ball as the same time, they are blockers , not attackers, so prolonged contact during a joust is legal.

Author's Resource Box

Dennis Jackson is a volleyball referee, coach , and expert on volleyball training. Learn more volleyball rules and unique volleyball training methods by visiting http:www.strength-and-power-for-volleyballvolleyball-rules.

Article Source:

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